About the society

Aurland Sogelag is a local historical society, the aim of which is to conserve and communicate the history of the municipality of Aurland. The society was founded in 1929 and took over the old Lensmannsstova building in Onstad from Aurlandsfallene AS. There they built up the Sivle Collection, which now holds about 100 items and books relating to local poet Per Sivle. The collection has recently been moved to the Kulturhuset in Vangen. In 1954 the society began work on writing the history of Aurland, its farms and its families. A pillar of the society for many years was teacher and local historian Anders Ohnstad (1911 - 2007). Kåre Sønnerheim (1921 - 2006) was the society’s chairman for many years and was a powerful driving force in all the local historical work. Åsmund Ohnstad has taken up the baton and is now working on new volumes of local history.